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Garden-Themed Decorative Rug, perfect for enhancing any space in your home. Whether it's your room, bathroom, kitchen, or even outdoor areas, this rug adds a touch of natural charm with its garden-inspired design. Available in various sizes to suit your needs, it features options like a coffee print or wood board pattern, providing a customizable touch to your decor.

Crafted with a sponge kitchen mat, it offers comfort underfoot while also serving as a non-slip corridor carpet, ensuring safety in high-traffic areas. Additionally, it doubles as a children's anti-slip mat, providing a secure play area, and can also be used as an entrance mat to keep dirt and debris at bay.

Elevate your home with this multi-functional and stylish rug, designed to bring both beauty and practicality to any space.

Decorative Rug for kitchen,Bath and Room,Anti slip Mat

SKU: ZXC97894789
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